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us album

  • mrs all american: a v funky and fresh beat that's catchy and v patriotic. super great to dance to and super duper fun and cheeky
  • tomorrow never dies: fob influences that is slightly more rock than their usual songs with a sick drum beat
  • close as strangers: a gr8 intro and the bass is v clear and can be distinctly picked up. catchy song and very upbeat
  • out of my limit: deeper vocals & changes in the instruments in the background but still a great twist nonetheless
  • independence day: drums are great as ever and is extremely upbeat. super duper awesome vocals & guitar. guitar & drums go super well together and the overall song is just wonderful
  • good job 5sos we're proud : ')

Anonymous asked: you've achieved so much at so young, i'm sort of jealous but mostly proud of you


Look at it as an inspiration to achieve more goals. I have a lot of friends my age that are making more money than a doctor by starting their own business. That was what motivated me to do more. I don’t want to sit there and watch someone be successful. I want to be more successful than them. So take me as an example, and work your ass off to be better than me. Because you will one day, just start now. 


I wish someone would come up with a new swear word none of ours are offensive enough 

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